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get the display you need.

From the smallest screen size up to 70", we offer a variety of screen sizes for indoor and outdoor use.

Custom displays are found in every market segment due to economic viability and shorter lead times. Long-time engineering expertise guarantees the trouble-free development of display solutions with different form factors, diagonals, and technologies.


We offer a selection of products designed to customize your match your needs no matter what market.  Our engineering team provides the expertise needed to accomplish trouble-free development.  From customized cables to a complete open frame configuration, we can provide you with one-stop shopping for all your answers.

Features & benefits

  • High Bright panels

  • LED Rail and Driver

  • Light Uniformity

  • FLEX and PCB

  • LCD Controllers – VGA, DVI, HDMI, VIDEO, MIPI, USB, Thernet


  • Single Board Computers

  • Touch Screens and Controllers

  • Cover Glass

  • Optical Bond

  • Open Frame


Wide range of sizes for any industry. 

Touch Displays

Interact with your users.

Touch panel solutions for almost every display.

High Bright Technology

Sunlight readability.

Product List

Check out our product list with a wide range of sizes for any industry. 

optical bonding

Increase Display Durability

Resistive touch displays

Interact with your display user.

Touch panels and controller solutions for almost every display.

Controler Board Solutions

Wide range of controller board and cable assemblies to maximize performance.

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