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Professional and industrial

Displays.Direct offers a variety of technologies and sizes designed to fit your application. From 1.8” screen size up to 70”, our screens support numerous markets including ruggedized, industrial and outdoor applications, just to name a few.


Displays.Direct focuses on designing display solutions to fit the needs of our clients.  Our unparalleled ability to design your solution allows us to customize your display and touch panel needs to perform flawlessly within your application.


We support an ever-growing array of cutting edge technologies and markets. 

Display Product highlights

  • High Bright (up to 2,000 nits)

  • Reduced Lead times

  • Industrial Grade

  • Extended Life Cycles (5-7years)

  • Wide Viewing Angles


  • Long life LED

  • Ruggedized Designs

  • Enhanced Interface products

  • Optical bond

optical bonding

Increase Display Durability

High Bright Technology

Sunlight readability.

Controler Board Solutions

Wide range of controller board and cable assemblies to maximize performance.

Product List

Check out our product list with a wide range of sizes for any industry. 

Touch Displays

Interact with your users.

Touch panel solutions for almost every display.

Resistive touch displays

Interact with your display user.

Touch panels and controller solutions for almost every display.

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