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High Bright


Improve sunlight readability

High Bright LED's are designed to operate in extreme ambient light conditions including direct and indirect sunlight. These LEDs are fully dimmable and can be used in many environmental applications. The high bright LEDs are designed for power conservation and provide proper thermal management and provide the intensity and brilliance that your application requires.

Features & benefits

  • Sunlight Readable

  • Increased Brightness up to 2,000 nits

  • Fully Dimmable LED’s

  • Improved Uniformity


  • Power Conservation

  • Designed with Optimized Thermal Management

  • Augmentation of Optical Performance

optical bonding

Increase Display Durability

Resistive touch displays

Interact with your display user.

Touch panels and controller solutions for almost every display.

Controler Board Solutions

Wide range of controller board and cable assemblies to maximize performance.


Wide range of sizes for any industry. 

Touch Displays

Interact with your users.

Touch panel solutions for almost every display.

Product List

Check out our product list with a wide range of sizes for any industry. 

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